long tail keyword phrases

What is a long tail keyword phrase?

A long tail keyword phrase is keyword or phrase that has more than three or more words within the keyword.  As shown in the image above, you can see that keywords with one to three keywords are considered to have a higher competition with a lower rate of conversion and keywords with more than three words (long tail keywords) are generally less competitive and have a higher rate of conversion.

If you search for the keyword “purse” in Google you will get about 21 million results or websites, but if you search for “leopard print coach purse” in Google you will get only about 2 million results.  This a is huge difference in competing webpages!

Let’s say that you are selling purses, which keyword phrase would you target?  The long tail … right? Absolutely, especially given the fact that long tail keywords will always have less websites to compete with!  Less competition means it will be easier for your website content to rank on the first page of Google for a long tail keyword rather than a highly competitive one or two word keyword phrase.

How to Find Long Tail Keyword Phrases?

Finding long tail keywords is a pretty easy task if you have the right tools and a little bit of knowledge on how to use them.

First, let’s start of discussing the free keyword tool from Google, the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.   This tool is by far the best resource for finding keyword ideas and search volume, but it is not always the best keyword tool to find long tail keywords.

If you enter a one word, two word, or three word keyword phrase into the keyword tool, you will get back keywords will keywords with more words.  So essentially you could enter a three word keyword phrase and get back keywords with four words, five words or more.

The easiest way to find long tail keywords using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is to start with a one or two word keyword phrase and with the keyword results returned, find three word or four word keywords and search those keywords again to find even longer keywords.

So for example, let’s start with “purse” as the seed keyword to get more keyword ideas.  With the keyword ideas returned, I grabbed “coach purse” to find more keyword ideas, then I used ‘pink coach purse” to get more keyword ideas.  Using the three word keyword phrase “pink coach purse”, the keyword ideas returned resulted in thirty plus long tail keyword phrases.

As you can see, it is pretty simple using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find long tail keyword phrases.

How to Find Long Tail Keyword Phrases You Won’t Find Using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool?

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is intended to be used to find keywords that can be used to create an advertising campaign within the AdWords system, so Google does not always report all the available long tail keyword ideas.  You might ask “Why NOT?”, well it is simple, most long tail keywords do not have a high starting bid or cost per click.  If there is no money in to be made of off ads, Google, in most cases will not list these keyword ideas.

Well there is a better way to find long tail keywords with out initially using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. And that better way is, Auto Suggest!

What is Auto Suggest?

Auto Suggest is the process of showing keyword suggestions while you are typing a keyword into a search engine or website.  Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay all use some sort of auto suggest.

While entering a keyword to search on Google, Google will display the top keyword suggestions that it believes are the most likely match or fit for what you are trying to search.  The longer the keyword phrase entered into the search field the longer the keyword suggestions become.

The Auto Suggest feature is using real keyword phrases that have been searched previously by real users, therefore I would consider these keywords to be prime targets for an effective keyword strategy.

Keyword Tool Dominator has developed several free long tail keyword tools to help you easily create a list of long tail keyword phrases.  Each tool uses the Auto Suggest feature to get long tail keyword ideas.

Google Auto Suggest Free Long Tail Keyword Tool

The Google Auto Suggest long tail keyword tool uses the suggestions provided to compile a list of keyword ideas, up to 260 keywords.  When using this tool you can use the asterisk * to have Google fill in the blanks or suggestions for you.  So if you searched “how * money”, the tools will return all the suggestions with words that fill in the location of the asterisk.

Amazon Keyword Tool Free Long Tail Keyword Tool

The Amazon Keyword Tool long tail keyword tool uses keyword suggestions from Amazon.  If you are trying to find long tail keywords for a product, this tool is perfect.

Google Product Auto Suggest Free Long Tail Keyword Tool

The Google Product Auto Suggest long tail keyword tool uses keyword suggestions from Google Products.  This is also a great way to find long tail keywords for a product you might be selling.

The awesome thing about using these tools is the fact that you are getting the latest and most relevant keyword suggestions at any given moment.  Let me put that another way, the keyword suggestions are always keywords that are being searched by real people on Google or Amazon.  So even if the Google AdWords Keyword Tool does not report any monthly search volume, you know that there is actually some search volume.

To really take advantage of long tail keyword phrases, try using similar keywords and group them together all on the same webpage or post.  By doing so, you can increase the number of keywords you are targeting for SEO as well as increase the overall search engine traffic potential.